Janet Horne Cozens

A Deconstructed Monoprint is created by taking several prints and cutting them into square and circles and then reconstructing them by collaging them together. Ink, washi, gold leaf and more prints are then added and the various components are layered with resin, giving it a three dimensional effect.

A Mare ad Usque Mare (Medium) 2017

10"x10"  SOLD

A Mare ad Usque Mare (Small) 2017

6"x6"  SOLD

A Mare ad Usque Mare (Large) 2017


Kingetsu 2017

8"x8" SOLD

A Warm Red Autumn 2017


Fall Fair 2017


Tanchozuru 2017


Les Petits Fruits de la Terre 2017


Return of the Monarchs 2018


Honorary Mention, Burlington All Guilds Show

Morrison Woodlands 2016

18"x24" SOLD

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